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How to choose the right school for your child?

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As a parent, we worry about our children. We worry about their health, their likes, dislikes, and their growth. If there’s something that’s making them uncomfortable we work hard to make them happy and if they are happy, we strive for more happiness to come their way.

The list is endless but the one thing that can always help us navigate the journey of parenthood easier is direct communication with our children.

Thinking of children as capable, thinking minds is the first step that puts ease to a worried parent who is maybe trying to find the best schooling for them. Wondering how? 

To find the best school for your child, the approach has to be not from the point of view of a parent but rather from the point of view of their children. We all know that education these days is not just limited to academic excellence. It is the holistic education that plays an important role in developing both their minds & personality. 

Now this is the umbrella thought under which there are many reasons that, as parents, are equally important in determining the best school there is for your child. Let us deep dive into them one by one:

Examine the school’s curriculum and educational philosophy to ensure they align with your values and expectations. Some schools follow national boards like CBSE or ICSE and others adhere to international curriculum like IB or Cambridge. Some prefer the latter over the former, because the British curriculum focuses more on holistic development including arts and academics, both. Understanding the teaching methods and philosophies will help you gauge if the school’s approach resonates with your child’s learning style.


Check if the school is accredited by the relevant educational authorities. Cambridge Accredited Schools, for example, follow a standardised and recognized curriculum. Accreditation ensures that the school meets certain educational standards.


Evaluate the school’s track record in academic achievements. Check for the availability of Cambridge As and A Level courses for 11th and 12th grade students. These courses are crucial for college admissions. A school with a focus on academic excellence is more likely to provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum, preparing your child for future educational endeavours.

Beyond academics, extracurricular activities are vital for a child’s overall development. Consider schools that offer a diverse range of extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, music, and clubs. These activities can help nurture your child’s talents and interests outside the academic realm. If your child has a particular interest in subjects like Art & Design, look for IGCSE schools in Bangalore that offer these programs.

A school’s infrastructure plays a crucial role in providing a conducive learning environment. Look for schools with well-equipped classrooms, libraries, science labs, sports facilities, and other amenities. A school with modern infrastructure can enhance your child’s overall learning experience and make it all the more enriching for their future career options.


The competency of the teaching staff is a critical factor in a child’s education. Research the qualifications and experience of the teachers in the school. Experienced and well-qualified educators contribute significantly to a child’s academic and personal development.


Ensuring the safety and security of your child should be a top priority. Inquire about the school’s security measures, including the presence of trained staff, surveillance systems, and emergency response plans. A secure environment fosters a sense of well-being for both parents and students.

Consider the level of parental involvement encouraged by the school. Some schools may actively engage parents in the educational process, while others have a more hands-off approach. Do go for the approach that suits your parenting style.

Selecting the ideal school for your child in Bangalore involves a thoughtful examination of multiple points, each playing a pivotal role in shaping their educational journey. The city’s vibrant educational landscape offers an array of choices, as discussed, necessitating a comprehensive assessment of factors such as proximity, curriculum, infrastructure, teacher quality, academic excellence, extracurricular activities, school reputation, safety measures, and parental involvement. Striking a balance between these elements ensures a nurturing environment that not only fosters academic achievement but also encourages holistic development. As parents, the decision to choose a school is an investment in your child’s future, laying the foundation for a well-rounded education that empowers them for a lifetime of success and fulfilment. Through this evaluation, you will pave the way for an educational journey that aligns seamlessly with you & your child’s unique needs.


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