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Sports Activities

Sports Programme

Physical activity for children has been linked to positive self-esteem, skill development, skeletal and cardiovascular health, and general healthy development. Our students spend a significant amount of time at school and therefore at Oasis International School we believe that the school environment needs to be supportive of students being physically active.

Aim of sports is to create a healthier and fit student community with sporting excellence. Sports has a major role to play in school and it is an integral part of student life. As the saying goes, “A sound mind in a sound body”, which means there should be a well working mind in a healthy body in order to achieve goals.

We at Oasis have introduced and designed Sports Program to cater to the students’ developmental needs such as Physical, Mental and Social skills through participation in various activities. They learn to communicate, co-operate and help each other to enrich their real-life experience. Every student gets a chance to participate in Sports program, which will help in both academic and non-academic performance.

During PE classes students are given opportunity and exposure to major & minor, indoor & outdoor games which include Athletics, Fun games and Recreational activities (Gross motor, Fine motor, manipulative and balancing skills). Under special sports programme, students from Grade 3 upwards are given a chance to opt for Coaching where we are offering 4 different types of sports that is Football, Basketball, Skating and Table Tennis. Students of Grade 2 and below are exposed/ introduced to all the basics of the above mentioned games.

Oasis believes in identifying talents in students and enhancing them through team building sessions. We keep the competitive spirit of students by giving them opportunities to participate in Inter House and Inter School competitions.

Sports program is led by the Sports Coordinator Mr. Zaheer Abbas along with Physical Educator Ms. Halima Sadiya, Coach and Physical Educator Mr. Paul Melvin. We also have part time coaches Mr. Midhun for Basketball, Mr. Ajith for Football and Mr. Pradeep for Skating.

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