Admission Process

Oasis International School seeks students with a potential to benefit from and to succeed in the schools unique academic and enrichment programmes. The school aims at admitting students who are capable of handling a rigorous academic programme, successfully and happily. 

Admissions to any class will be subject to availability of seats and age criteria. Applicants seeking Admissions from Grade 2 will be assessed based on their performance in the Entrance test to determine their eligibility for Admission.  

Time period of the Admission process.


The above time period for the Admission process completion is merely suggestive. Every application is treated on an individual basis and the time taken to complete the admission process may vary from case to case. 

Criteria For admissions (K1- Gr 10) :

For K1 to Gr 1         : Based on the Readiness report
For Gr 2 to Gr 6      : scoring a 50% in the entrance test in English and Math.
For Gr 7 to Gr 8       : scoring a 50% in the entrance test in English, Math, Science & 2nd Language
For Gr 9 to Gr 10 : scoring a 50% in the entrance test, Based on the subject choices.



Note * : If the child is transfering schools within state, the Original Transfer certificate should have the Student Tracking System Number.


The Applicants who are seeking Admissions for As Level in the month of April will be considered as “Provisional Admission” till the student’s board result for Grade 10 is declared. 

Applicants who are not students from Oasis International School  need to fill  the online  Registration form and upload the following documents: 

  1. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  2. Photocopy of Report card copies (9th and 10th). 

Applicants will be selected based on the Entrance Test. A wide range of subjects are offered for AS and A Level. 


Science:  Humanities: 
Physics  Business  Information Technology 
Chemistry  Accounting  Economics
Biology   Psychology 
Mathematics   History 

Criteria For AS LEVEL AND A LEVEL Admissions :

  1. All Candidates applying for Science and Maths should have done the extended course in IGCSE .
  2. An Entrance test will be conducted for the students from other curriculums.
  3. Students from IGCSE background should have a score of 70% and above
  4. Students from other curriculums should have a score of 75% and above.

 Documents Required :

  1. Original TC (Transfer Certificate) from the previous school (for students seeking admissions from class 2 onwards)  *
  2. Aadhar card copy
  3. Birth Certificate copy
  4. Photocopy of passport (overseas students)
  5. Latest Academic Reports