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AS and A LevelCambridge Assessment International Examinations AS and A level

AS and A Level

Cambridge International Examinations AS and A level

Cambridge Advanced is typically for learners aged 16 to 19 years who need advanced study to prepare for university and higher education.

  • Students are expected to take a minimum of 7 credits in order to complete the Cambridge A level requirement. (Each subject at an AS level gives one credit and if continued into A level it gives the second credit)
  • If any student wishes to take more than 7 credits, he/she will have to discuss it with the career counsellor and the academic coordinator. The subject will then be offered at the school’s discretion
  • Further Mathematics will only be offered to students based on their performance in Additional Math (in IGCSE) and a Pre-assessment.
  • Oasis International School will offer exams in May-June only. However, students may choose to take the November series of exams to better their grades only. Please note that the March Series of exams will not be offered.
  • Students may change a subject (only if any) within the first two weeks of Grade 11. Post this period no change of subjects will be entertained. Parental consent should be submitted for the same.
  • The AICE Diploma is structured as follows, which is optional

Students may choose to opt for only AS and A level and not the AICE Diploma

At Oasis we offer the following subjects. Kindly choose the subjects that the students would pursue at AS, A level

Please note that this choice once confirmed cannot be changed after the second week of Grade 11.

AS and A level
Mandatory Subjects : English
At Oasis we offer the following subjects. Kindly choose the subjects that the students would pursue at AS, A level
Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics History
BusinessEconomicsIT PsychologyComputer Science

As per the Association of Indian Universities’ (AIU) letter, a student must have at least 5 passes in IGCSE with Grades of A,B,C or D and Two (2) / Three (3) passes at the GCE A Level is recognized by AIU as the equivalent of a +2 stage qualification of an Indian Board, thereby granting access to a Bachelor’s degree program at Indian Universities.

Students intending to pursue Medical/Engineering degree programs are required to have obtained GCE ‘A’ Level passes in English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology / Mathematics and Five (5) passes at IGCSE.

Upon the completion of the AS and A level exams, the final report card will comprise of a cumulative report of the student’s behavioural and academic progress in the internal assessments, Preliminary examinations conducted in Grade 11, and Cambridge International examinations collectively.

In Grades 11 and 12, students will be expected to meet the established criteria as specified by AIU to continue into the next grade and be eligible for the AS and A-level examinations. If the student is unable to achieve an overall grade of ‘D’ or better in each subject and maintains an attendance of 80% and above, the student will be placed on academic probation and will not be allowed to appear / be registered for the CAIE examinations through the school.

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