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Founder's Message

Founder’s Message

We are a Cambridge Pathway school, setting standards of excellence, within a value-based framework. We are dedicated to raising children who will always take on challenges and present solutions to the problems and gridlocks that they encounter.

Knowledge imparted here comes in a manner prescribed by Cambridge Assessment International Education as well as the organic response to modern day challenges that our student body has the capacity to comprehend because of our blended learning programme. This blended learning programme has components of pre-existing scientific knowledge, is technology loving and has critical thinking processes at its heart. We encourage them to question pre-existing norms that serve no purpose in this Age of Disruption in a compassionate manner.

In our community of learners comprising of both students and teachers are a dedicated group of people who embrace life with confidence and an unshakeable belief that they need to leave a legacy of unceasing change that works in perpetuity. They choose to be agents of change wherever they may find themselves. They understand that a life in the service of humankind is what is expected of them.

We invite you to join hands with us to bring out the best in our students who are our treasure and the harbingers of the legacy of unceasing progress.


Ayesha Masood

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