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Virtual Teacher Training Program

Registrations open for CICTL/CIDTL and CICEL


Module 1: Registrations ongoing for
Cohort 12: Starting September 2024

CIDTL – Diploma in Teaching and Learning
Diploma in Teaching and Learning
Module 3: September 2024
Eligibility: Completed the CICTL (Module 1&2)

CICEL – Educational Leadership
Educational Leadership
Module 2: April 2025
Eligibility: Should be leading or aspiring to lead a team in their institution


Module 1 – Cohort 11

Module 2 – Cohort 5

Module 1 – Cohort 4

Programme Structure :

12 Saturdays Sessions
Course Duration for each module: 6 months

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Oasis International School is inviting you to a virtual teacher training program from Cambridge University. 
 Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning (CICTL) enables teachers to:
  • Improve their teaching to enhance the quality of their students’ learning
  • Develop critical engagement with key education theories and concepts 
  • Focus on effective and reflective practice to promote active learning.
  Taking this certificate and diploma will help you to:
  • Explore and apply new ideas in your own context
  • Integrate new approaches in your own practice 
  • Demonstrate your professional development as a reflective practitioner.  
Value-added components to ensure a premium educational experience
  • Option to choose only Certification CICEL (Module 1)
  • Cambridge-certified trainer
  • Small facilitator / participant ratio (no more than 20 per cohort)
  • 21st-century learning and innovative pedagogy
  • Follow-up conversations and discussions
  • Techniques on teaching with technology
  • Assistance in pre-reading assignments prior to submission.
Results of CIDTL and CICEL batches – 2020 series 

All our candidates of year ‘2019-20 from both Teaching / Learning and Educational leadership have successfully completed their programmes with flying colours. Happy to announce that we received 10 Distinctions this time

Results of  CIDTL and CICEL batches – 2019 series 

With some of our successful pdq candidates of year “18-‘19 from both Teaching / learning and Educational leadership.Happy to announce that we’ve had 8 Distinctions this time and candidates have registered from some of the best schools of Bangalore .

Cambridge International Certificate / Diploma In Teaching & Learning

The Certificate and Diploma are for practicing teachers. They focus on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in the key aspects of teaching and learning. They are inclusive and relevant to all teaching and learning contexts: from primary and secondary general education, to adult and higher education. They help teachers to explore and apply new ideas in their own context, integrate new approaches in their own practice, and demonstrate their professional development as reflective practitioners.

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Cambridge International Certificate / Diploma In Educational Leadership

Leadership matters: it makes a difference to the quality of learning and teaching and the performance of schools. The Cambridge International Certificate/Diploma in Educational Leadership is for candidates with a leadership role in schools, or who are leaders in other parts of the educational system with direct responsibilities for teachers or leaders or for teachers aspiring to take up the same. The qualifications are designed to enhance the contribution leaders make to the performance of their teams and schools.

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The Cambridge international Diploma (CIDEL)comprises of

Programme Leader Profile

Dr. (Ms) Ambar A. Qaiyum ,is the Director of Instruction on the board of trustees of Oasis International School (OIS). She is an active member of the Strategic Leadership Team of the school and is primarily involved in capacity building and directs its Continuous Professional Development Programme. She also mentors and supports the school’s Parent and Student led Service Learning Initiative -Yes We Care.

She is the Programme Leader of the Cambridge Professional Development Qualification (PDQ) centre  of the school since 2015 for Teaching /Learning and for  Educational leadership since 2018. The centre has trained almost 100 candidates and uploaded as many portfolios of teachers including those of other reputed schools of the city.

She has presented her study on Transformational Leadership Emergence at the Opus conference, London as part of a Practitioners’ Certificate Course in Psycho-social Interventions. The paper has been published in The Journal of Creative Writing, Vol 1 Issue 2. She has also presented her study on Student Teacher Relationship as a Tool for Evaluation at the Cambridge PDQ online conference 2019


She has completed the Cambridge Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) with a distinction and has an MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Bath, UK. She is also a qualified dentist.


The Cambridge PDQ has been a strong source of network for me to grow and seek purpose as I practice teaching. It has been instrumental in shaping my thoughts and the quality of learning that I must first experience before I transfer the same to my learners.

The learning provided through this programme is based on latest research, stirring innovative and reflective practices that has real impact and value in what I do. I earnestly hope and encourage more educators to participate in this life-transforming journey and become effective teachers themselves!

Rachel EzekielEducator, Vidyashilp Academy

“As a Director of Studies, I am so happy to see the change in the attitudes of the teachers. I see a great change in the teachers who have done their PDQ. They now talk about active learning,formative assessments and use the language of the teaching community. This is now motivating other teachers to do the course. I feel that the whole teaching -learning culture has changed in the school. Now there are teachers who think ‘What can I do to involve the students?’ Rather than ‘Oh! the students are not capable.’ The teachers are now trying to differentiate tasks and instruction to suit individual learners.”

Latha BalanPrincipal, Oasis International School

Cidtl curriculum channels your understanding, enriches and evolves you as an educator. The plethora of skills and activities foster deeper learning that manifests into global education. Structured guidance and framework provided by Oasis at every step has made my educational foundation stronger and armed me with various international practices and theories.

Deepa RammaiyahVidyashilp Academy

“At the CICTL course I have experienced a variety of teaching and learning strategies and principles. The impact of CICTL is that now I am able to better understand the needs of my learners and provide them with various opportunities to develop themselves. I have personally started reflecting on each and every activity I do in my life. And this has proved to be a boon for me.“

Safina FaiyazCohort 2

“I know I can use different teaching strategies, use engaging activities for learning to take place, include formative assessments for any learning that takes place in class and also to keep in mind the solo taxonomy while planning a lesson plan. Above all to reflect, reflect and reflect. ”

Jenny RobinCohort 1

The CICEL program gave me a very deep insight into the various leadership theories and practices followed worldwide . I learnt about the successful leadership skills that a leader should develop to improve the quality of teaching and student learning . This program gave me the opportunity to read and understand many Case Studies of School leadership of many countries. Through this program I was able to define my Developmental goals and how to achieve it through a systematic process. My Program leader and mentor supported me through out every phase of the Program . I thank my Program leader and mentors who helped me in completing the course successfully to achieve a Distinction.

Ponath Abhimanyu MayaPrincipal Christel House India

“An excellent program, this course made me think critically about various aspects of teaching and I’m now inspired to rethink the way I conduct my classes. The program leaders were excellent, combining learning concepts with real life classroom examples. This was also a great opportunity to learn from a diverse group of experienced and talented teachers. I’m very happy to have been part of this and would definitely recommend this course to all those who are passionate about teaching!“

Naomi Nair(Deens Academy) Cohort 2

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership course. It was a great learning experience with Dr Ambar Qaiyum (course leader) at Oasis International School (Cambridge PDQ centre). This learning journey of almost a year helped me in nurturing the leadership qualities to handle multidimensional situations with ease. Well- thought content of the programme and the delivery by the expert has broadened my understanding of the leadership theories and its practical implications.
Throughout the course, the interactive sessions and well-planned activities enabled me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as an emotionally intelligent leader. Doing this course during the pandemic has given me many opportunities to appreciate the abilities to adapt and take risks as an educational leader.”

Sarika SharmaHead of Physics Bangalore International School

“Being in a leadership role, I wanted to be an effective, inspiring and committed leader. The CICEL course presented the leadership styles, qualities and responsibilities of a school leader. It also focused on the KSDs of a leader. In school, the teachers perceived that I was giving cynical feedback to them. After going through the skill sets, I focused on the feedback skills and it yielded positive results. I also focused on being an instructional leader by planning with the teachers and helping them in implementing effective strategies for student learning. Thus the CICEL course has equipped me to be an effective school leader. And I continue to implement the learning of the course in my leadership role.”

Deva Sudha StanleySenior Coordinator Christel House India
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