Admission Policy


We at OIS seek students who can benefit from the exciting and rigorous nature of the curriculum that constitutes the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum. 

This gives our students the advantage of a world class learning methodology which combines conventional and experiential teaching methods. OIS is a Cambridge Assessment International Examination Centre (CAIE) since 16th of November 2005 and a registered member of the Cambridge International Primary Programme since the 17th of February 2007. Oasis International School is accredited by the British Council of India, for outstanding development for the international dimensions in the curriculum, in October 2006. Students selected for the programme should be able to demonstrate academic readiness for the programme.  



Oasis International School seeks students with a potential to benefit from and to succeed in the school’s unique academic and enrichment programmes.  

OIS is an Inclusive school where we aim to provide equal and quality education to all children. We have a separate Oasis Curriculum for the Enrichment and Advancement of Neurodiversity (OCEAN) department which caters to the needs of the neuro-diverse. 

The school aims at admitting students who can handle a rigorous academic programme, successfully and happily. 

Applications for registrations are accepted as and when notified. Admission to any class will be subject to availability of seats. We administer a diagnostic test that checks for readiness to imbibe learning at the time of intake. Admission to kindergarten is considered based on age and readiness for entry to each level.  


Junior, Middle and High school involves a selective process based on an Entrance Test and an interview.  

Admissions to grade 9 are discouraged unless the student is from the same syllabus background.