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The Director of Instruction Message

Message from The Director of Instruction 

The concept of ‘Learning’ for school leaders signifies more than the term’s universal understanding of measured results and cognitive standards. The responsibility of school leadership extends far beyond students’ intellectual achievements or individual school success. The aim of education is not only to prepare students for productive careers, but also to enable them to live lives of dignity and purpose, not only to generate new knowledge but to channel that knowledge to humane ends, not merely to study the Government but to help shape a citizenry that can promote the public good – Ernest L Boyer

All of these 20 years, the school has kept its vision alive and focused on reconciling the passion for results with the compassion for the people who have to perform. As the school evolves in response to the changing regimes, the focus remains the same-catering to learners with special needs, technology based self paced learning, Students’ Assistance Programme, career counselling ,innovative life skills ,sports and art activities and the mindful integration of social emotional learning opportunities into the curriculum to allow students to experience success -boldly disrupting the conventional methods of teaching and learning. We are certain that academic success is an outcome of this distinctive leadership focus.

Our holistic approach to education aims at developing stronger student teacher relationship which we believe is the essence of deep, life long learning , social and emotional literacy and a growth mindset. Our impetus for staff professional development programmes has created a culture of learning and trust, collaboration and open conversations within and with other school communities. Teacher inquiry and professional growth opportunities have been systematically intertwined into teacher evaluation processes- a design promising continuous professional growth and leadership development through a unique customized mentoring system, basing appraisals on developmental frameworks against judgemental ones- our very own customized 360 degree performance review to create caring relationships among the staff!

Dr. Ambar

At Oasis we believe that education needs to be transformational and not transactional .Through our service learning approach we have created closer partnerships between school , parents and the outside community. The in-house parent driven programme has been uniquely designed to nurture home school relationships besides nurturing empathy and shared concern. At Oasis, we strongly believe that building communities to engage students in civic and social tasks, hands on,for the common good is very much an essential for the 21C learner.

As a society, we suffer in the absence of good education: we prosper in its presence. Oasis has made big ripples through small actions with incremental but sustainable changes. We exist because the global community needs our determination. We are confident that we can build a model of educational excellence through a balance of contemporary educational strategies with traditional and spiritual values that can be replicated and built upon for future generations to come.

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