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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to nurture responsible individuals who will contribute positively, integrate and connect with the world as responsive global citizens.

What We Do

We create an inclusive, nurturing and holistic learning ecosystem, leveraging global best educational methodologies to empower students with the freedom to learn, to grow and progress.

How We Do It

At Oasis International School we give equal importance to culture, respect and exploration. Values are deeply ingrained in our students, who apply ethics in every aspect of their lives. A blended learning system empowers them to reflect upon the world through the lens of critical thinking. They learn to accept diverse cultures with compassion and empathy and develop as change-makers.

 Our Core Values 

A New HOPE  

The Oasis way is an international curriculum, delivered in ever exciting and interactive ways, to engage and inspire, to invest in each child a spirit of service along with the deepest understanding of their own limitations and potential.  

The Oasis belief is that children are full of possibilities that can be opened up in a nurturing environment, they are hope manifested!  


The joy of exploring new knowledge, ideas and thoughts from the classroom and nature.  


The freedom to ask questions fearlessly and learn by doing things hands-on.  


Evolve as conscious, independent and responsible individual changemakers.  


To excel as individuals by contributing positively not just to the self, but to the community and the nation. 

 Our Beliefs
  • Stimulating minds to think differently 
  • Assimilating knowledge for critical thought 
  • Developing generations of change makers who will contribute positively to a pluralistic world 
  • Applying ethics in every aspect of life 
  • Transforming spiritual mindsets towards respecting and accepting diversity 
  • Deriving morality from a spiritual base 
  • Developing balanced outlook on life 

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