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Student Services

Student Service

At Oasis, nurturing the students and providing guidance and support to the parents starts from the time they step into school. The counsellors are available for any questions/queries that they would like to clear at the admission stage. We have full-time counsellors to provide students with the required emotional and educational support through their school life. The counsellors support and help children in their social, emotional, intellectual and vocational growth. 

We work towards building sound relationships between students, staff, and parents. We have adopted the Safe and Sensitive Schools Programme (SASS). This is a tried and tested programme that supports the school to be safe through embedded policies, space and interactions that are positive, constructive, nurturing for all students and staff alike. The Quality Circle Time developed by Jenny Mosley [QCT] is the basis of the SASS programme. It is a non-hierarchical and inclusive discussion which promotes trust, respect, empathy and understanding. 

Quality Circle Time – Jenny Mosley Education Training and Resources 

“Children love Circle Time, Circle Time brings just the right blend of structure, enjoyment and learning!” 

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