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Potential Opportunity for Developing Success(PODS) Programme.

Potential Opportunity for Developing Success(PODS) 

At Oasis International School, we try to identify the potential of every student and hone them in the best way possible, through implementation of the Potential Opportunity for Developing Success(PODS) Programme. 


The Main objective of PODS is to encourage student involvement in extracurricular activities and provide opportunities for growth while teaching discipline, leadership, teamwork, respect for rules and healthy living habits. Students may participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. These PODS offer training’s to enhance Communication, Innovation, Arts, Film Making and Cooking. The PODS classes will be conducted during school hours for a week in the first term. 

    1. Communication PODS
      • School E-Magazine 
      • Film Making 
      • Photography 
    2. Arts PODS
      • Needle and Thread 
      • Drawing and Painting on the walls of the school 
      • Cooking PODS – Cooking with fire and without fire
    3. Science Club 
      • Coding – The aim of this PODS is to help kids develop new ways of thinking and foster problem solving technique  

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