Sports Activities

Physical activity for children has been linked to positive self-esteem, skill development, skeletal and cardiovascular health, and general healthy development. Our students spend a significant amount of time at school and therefore at Oasis International School we believe that the school environment needs to be supportive of students being physically active.


At Oasis we believe that being involved in a sport helps improve strength and flexibility in our students, helps ease stress and will result in better attention in the classroom. Therefore this year we have introduced Swimming Football, Basketball and Athletics. Students in Grades 4 to 12 get to choose the sport they would like to excel in this season . Since training happens after 2:00 pm our students are having the time of their life.

-Swimming coaching is being conducted at XLR8’s temperature controlled swimming pool for our students. Despite the drop in overall temperature in the city due to the rains the students are still excited about these classes that take place after 2:00pm.

Training for football is done by professional coaches who have trained in international programmes at the FSV premises which is a football arena of international standards .

-Mr Muthuraj .BPED. our PE Teacher whose area of specialisation is Athletics and Badminton is conducting the training for Athletics on our school grounds.

-Mr Sachin . MPED. Our PE Teacher whose area of specialisation is Basketball, Volleyball and Table Tennis is conducting the Basketball training on our school grounds.