Oasis International School is managed by the Isra Trust (a registered non-profitable educational trust) comprising of members of impeccable credentials. 


  • Ms. Ayesha Masood – Founder Trustee/Managing Director. 
  • Dr. Ambar A. Qaiyum – Trustee/Director of Instruction. 
  • Ms. Latha Balan–  Principal   
  • Ms. Merin Rose- AS and A Level Coordinator [ Grades 11-12]
  • Ms. Habeebunissa– Deputy Vice Principal of High School  [Grades 6-10]
  • Ms. Nasuh Faheem– Deputy Vice Principal of Primary and Middle School  [Grades 1-5]
  • Ms. Sabahath Israr– Pre- Primary School Coordinator [Pre- primary]    
  • Ms. Naveeda Akhtar- Procurement and Liaison Officer